Thursday, November 26, 2020

Why Do Apple APIs begin with NS?

Most developers mistakenly think NS stands for NeXTSTEP. (NSApplication, NSArray, NSMutableDictionary, etc).

NS actually stands for NeXT-Sun. It came about when NeXT partnered with Sun Microsystems to develop OpenStep, which was an API specification for developing applications on non-NeXTSTEP operating systems.

Before the partnership, NeXT's APIs began with NX. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Honda Radio and Navigation Anti-theft PIN

If you need to find the PINs to unlock your Honda's radio or navigation system, then visit to retrieve the PINs. But, you'll need your VIN and the devices' serial numbers, first.

Yesterday, I took my Honda Accord in for servicing at a local repair shop. A few hours later, the owner of the shop called me to tell me that my car was ready to go, with a new battery.

When I started my car, I noticed that the car's dashboard touch screen was asking for a PIN since the power had been removed. I found a piece of paper, in my glove compartment, with a four digit PIN that I tried a few times until I was locked out of the system.

I took the car to a local Honda dealer where a customer service rep explained the differences between a radio unlock PIN and a navigation PIN. Basically, the radio PIN is entered using the knob that tunes in radio stations and the navigation PIN is entered through the dashboard touch screen.

Since I had locked myself out of the navigation PIN, I had to disconnect the battery for about ten minutes and then try again. An audio technician, who had done work on my navigation system, sent me the serial number for my unit. Then, using my VIN and serial number, I was able to retrieve my four digit PIN to enable the navigation system.

The key lesson I learned was, obviously, to keep my PINs and serial numbers handy. If Honda didn't have them on record, I'm not sure what I would have done. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Happy Birthday, Marines

Circa Feburary 1987
Today is the Marine Corps Birthday. It's kind of a big deal.

On 10 November 1775, the Second Continental Congress resolved to raise two battalions of Marines. The birthplace of the Marine Corps was Tun Tavern, in Philadelphia, where the first recruiting drive was held.

The Marine Corps birthday is recognized with a cake cutting ceremony. While standing before a formation of Marines, three pieces of cake are cut. The first piece of cake is given to the guest of honor. The second piece of cake is given to the oldest Marine present. Upon receiving the second piece of cake, the oldest Marine will pass it on to the youngest Marine present, without eating it, signifying the passing of experience and knowledge from the old to the young of our Corps. The oldest Marine will then receive the third piece of cake further emphasizing the fact that we care for our young Marines before we look to our own needs.

"And so it must be."

Semper Fidelis