Monday, February 7, 2011

What's the difference between iTunes & iPod? It depends.

As businesses grow, things can get confusing as more products and services are offered for sale. Apple has done a great job of managing this since nearly all consumer facing products and services are reviewed, in detail, by Steve Jobs.

Over the past few years, I've noticed something that will confuse people who are new to Apple's ecosystem.

iTunes, iPod, & Videos
iTunes is a desktop app which includes access to the iTunes Store. This app is where you store, purchase, and download music, videos, and mobile apps. You also consume this content inside the desktop iTunes app with the exception of the mobile apps since they only run on the mobile devices.

However, on iOS devices such as the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone, the paradigm is different. On these mobile devices, think of the iTunes app as only the iTunes Store for buying and downloading media such as music, videos, and podcasts.

If you want to buy and download Apps on the iPad and iPhone, then you need to use the App Store app, which is similar to the desktop App Store app for buying and downloading desktop apps.

But, on iOS devices, your music isn't accessed through the iTunes app, rather it's accessed through the iPod app (which looks very similar to the version of iTunes running on your desktop). Here's where it gets more confusing; when accessing video on your iPhone or iPod touch, you use the iPod app, but, on the iPad, you use the Videos app to play your videos.

It can be a little difficult to remember all this even if you've been along for the ride since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007. I find myself opening and closing iTunes and the iPod apps to figure where everything is on the iOS devices. And, if you're new to Apple, it will be very confusing.

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Ruso said...

Thank you!!!! I was looking for this answer for a long time, I'll be owning an iPhone soon and the "iTunes" & "iPod" icons got me confused... Since I use iTunes only on my PC, i thought: what's the freaking difference?

Haha, thank u so much for clarifying this!