Friday, June 9, 2023

 Vision Pro Observations

Apple's Vision Pro introduces spacial computing to consumers. But will it catch on?

Key benefit: Integration of a computer with multiple, large screen displays in a three dimensional, interactive environment. This is the first standalone Apple product introduced by Tim Cook, as CEO, that isn't an add-on like the Apple Watch.

Price: Starting at $3,500.
Adjusted for inflation, this is roughly the same cost as the Apple I computer released on April 11, 1977, which required assembly.

Price Comparison: Comparable to HoloLens 2.

Personal Thoughts: This is version one of a prosumer product in an entire new area of personal computing and human-machine interactions. Keep in mind that the Pro designation implies it's not a low-end consumer device. While smartphones have virtually connected while physically isolating individuals, the Apple Vision Pro certainly does an impressive job of making remote people feel more present while interacting. Apple also has been thoughtful about how others see and interact with the user. Specifically, when people approach a person using the Vision Pro, the user can see them. Additionally, a person can see the eyes of the Vision Pro user they're interacting with. In other words, the outward facing display is solely for the benefit of others. A nice touch.
Will it catch on? Time will tell.