Saturday, December 23, 2023

Failure: How to do it Right

There are three types of failure:

1. Basic

These are simple, common mistakes.

2. Complex

Failures involving a lot of moving parts where many circumstances or factors couldn't have been foreseen.

3. Intelligent

This is where new knowledge or discovery comes from.
    a. Exploring new territory 
    b. Pursing a new goal
    c. Hypothesis-driven experimentation
    d. Fail as small as possible

What is Marketing?

1. Put up a sign in a common place with a call to action: Advertising

2. Put a sign in an uncommon place: Promotion

3. Have the news spread your message: Publicity

4. Have the government or other public entities talk about you: Public relations 

5. Highlight benefits and features while answering questions about your product or service to convince people to buy it: Sales

If you planned these five things: That’s Marketing