Monday, February 14, 2011

The Hug

What’s in a hug
That makes it so snug?
Warmth, love, and compassion
It’s always in fashion

Between Mom and Dad
When we’re happy and sad
And as we grow old
It never gets cold

Each time we hug, it seems to mean more
We get and give so much with the ones we adore
Between lovers and friends
It’s a message we send

We’re there for each other
Even sister and brother

Oh, how I miss a hug from a lover
This I want now, more than no other
To hold her tight
It feels so right

True and complete
It is no small feat

There’s a piece of me missing
To what I say here, please listen

On nights when I’m alone
I sit by myself at home
And wish I could have saved
Those hugs which I now crave

All the attention goes to the kiss
But right now that is something I do not miss

It is the completeness of the embrace
And not the touching of the face
That literally warms me up
Like coffee in a cup

After a marriage, a husband and wife
Sleep in each other’s arms for the rest of their life

Or on a cold and stormy night
When things don’t seem to be quite right
Mom and dad are there for child
And keep things from getting too wild

In case you cannot tell
I wish it were hugs I could sell
For when you’re feeling down
Just have one of these around

And keep one thing in mind
Especially when in a bind
A great big hug today
Can make everything OK
– Joseph L. Moreno
November 1994

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