Monday, November 25, 2013

1 Infinite Loop
My e-mail addressed used to be There was a, but it was a honeypot; any e-mail received at was automatically added to Apple's internal spam filter.

Actually, my real e-mail address was, but, since no one was using, I was able to get it as an alias. People were impressed when lowly me handed them my business card with, especially since I'd leave my job title blank.

Every few months another guy named Joseph would e-mail me to check to see if I was still working at Apple. I let him know when I left Apple in 2007 so he could be assigned the alias by the IT department (IS&T). For this, he was grateful.

Recycling the same e-mail address produced an unexpected gotcha. A couple months after I left Apple, the new contacted me and asked me to release the e-mail address from my LinkedIn profile. He was unable to use his new e-mail address with LinkedIn since it was tied to my LinkedIn account. This reminded me that all my personal accounts listing my old Apple e-mail address needed to be updated.

One nice thing about having a relationship with my successor is that, for the following few years, the new would forward me e-mails from my contacts who weren't aware that I'd left the company.

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