Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two Simple Gmail Tricks

Last week, I discovered an interesting Gmail trick that allows you to place a dot (.) anywhere in a Gmail e-mail address (before the @). In other words, e-mails sent to the following e-mail addresses will all be received in the same account:

There's an older trick that many Gmail users know about which is to place a plus sign (+) after your Gmail username and before the @. It's a perfect solution when you sign up for a service and you're worried about the company spamming you. With the +CompanyName@ it's easy to filter out specific e-mails. E-mails send to the following addresses all end up in the same account.

The dots trick doesn't work for your e-mail addresses that use Google Apps for hosting e-mail (i.e. It only works with e-mail addresses that end with

But, the pluses trick does work with Google Apps accounts as well with Apple e-mail addresses ending in,, and

The best part is that this behavior works right out of the box – there's nothing to configure with Gmail or Apple.

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