Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Apple's iPhone 4 Launch a Disaster

I started to write a post about the problems that I had, today, when I tried to pre-order the new iPhone 4 while stuck on a series of conference calls for a couple hours. Since I used to work at the Apple online store I can only imagine the stress and frustration going on inside that group.

I ended up sending the article to SDNN who ran it as today's feature story.

It was meant to be a timely, yet light article, but the person who posted the first comment took me too seriously. The article's comments are entertaining.

Also, note that the article's headline isn't meant to imply that this was Apple's fault (it wasn't) any more than the Louisiana Beaches a Disaster headline implies that the oil spill is Louisiana's fault.

6/16 Update: SDNN has asked me to write a follow up article when I pick up the phone, so stay tuned for that mini-adventure.

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