Friday, March 13, 2015

Virtual Credit Card Numbers

Have you ever wanted to try out a new online service or sign up for a subscription but were weary about giving out your credit card number? Perhaps it's a legitimate cable TV or satellite radio company, but you've heard rumors about it being difficult to cancel the service. Enter virtual credit card numbers to save the day. Most major credit card companies have a simple way for you to log in to your account and create a temporary card number with a credit limit and expiration date from two to twelve months.
It's almost like putting a stop on a check making it a very good solution.

If you've ever used Apple Pay then you're already using this behind the scenes. Next time your run an Apple Pay transaction, take a look at the last four digits on your paper receipt and you'll see it does not match your actual credit card. Why not? Because your credit card company assigned you a virtual credit card number on the fly as part of the Apple Pay payment.

Buy and be safe.

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