Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Need More Bandwidth

Ten years ago, I signed up for AT&T's top of the line business class DSL in Carlsbad. It's worked very well with five static IPs and 5 Mbps up / 600 Kbps down. With proper optimization, the servers on this circuit could handle 75,000 unique visitors each day. All of my professional and personal needs we met.

Last fall, I signed up for Optimum's residential service in New Jersey which is amazingly fast as you can see in the graphic. Faster than FiOS and "faster than 95% of the US."

The problem is that we keep needing more bandwidth and slowing down feels like going back in time. It feels so "dial up."

In the past, I've optimized the Carlsbad business servers by pushing static resources into Amazon's cloud. But, I've noticed a recent problem with only 600 Kbps up. When I'd get home, after taking photos with my iPhone, they'd sync to iCloud. Surfing the web, during the automatic iCloud sync, is painfully slow and there's no way to optimize this process. I think it's time to find a faster connection for Carlsbad, unfortunately, there are only a couple choices.

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