Sunday, March 4, 2012

Apple Announcement

Apple is making an announcement in a few days. It's almost a given that it's going to be a new iPad. Let's call it the iPad 3 or the iPad HD since it's rumored to have a retina display along with a faster processor that has more cores.

Apple TV
What's more interesting is the speculation about Apple TV. The current version of Apple TV has stopped shipping. While there have been rumors about Apple shipping a full blown TV sometime this year, the most recent speculation is how Apple plans to break into TV broadcasting.

Last year, Steve Jobs told his biographer that Apple had licked the TV problem, meaning that they'd figured out an innovative way to distribute TV content. Apple wants TV channels to go a la carte. In other words, Apple wants to do for TV what they did for music: allow people to buy only the content they want without bundling in the extras. How would that work? One way would be to partner with the cable channels, or other content providers, and sell apps that would allow you to subscribe to specific channels.

Wouldn't it be great if we could pay for only the TV channels we want?

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