Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Job Satisfaction With Room Key

Nothing says job satisfaction like having the press cover your work.

Today, I was happy to see a number of news outlets cover the launch of a heretofore secret project that I've been working on: While I only had a tiny part in this project, as the product manager, it was a big part of my life since I began working at Wyndham.

I was also a little surprised to see that TechCruch covered the news too, Six Hotel Giants Team Up To Launch Hotel Search Engine, Buy Hotelicopter. TechCrunch specializes in covering high tech news and I don't exactly consider hotel industry news high-tech, but when you get the largest companies in the industry together, it's well worth covering.

In a nutshell, Room Key is a joint venture of the world's six largest hotel chains who've created a search engine amongst themselves. After customers visit one of the six partner sites, they may be presented with an opportunity to see comparable hotel rooms from one of the other partners.

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