Friday, December 15, 2006

First Woman Marine Officer KIA in Iraq

Major Megan M. McClung was killed in action in Iraq on 6 Dec 2006. Her service includes the distinction of being the first female graduate in the history of the Naval Academy (class of 1995) to have been killed in action and she's also the first female Marine officer killed in action in Iraq.

She was hit by an IED on her way back from the Government Center in Ramadi after escorting Oliver North and his crew out to see the Marines. She was killed along with an Army captain and Army specialist. Megan had about a month left in her year long tour in Iraq.

I was two years ahead of her at the Academy and I didn't know Megan personally - yet I certainly remember seeing her around the dorm and campus.

Fellow Marines I Served With
Since I've begun this blog only a few weeks ago, I feel that I should mention Rick Gannon (left) and Ray Mendoza (right) since they are two Marine officers I knew personally and served with at Second Battalion, First Marines (2/1). They were killed in action in Iraq on 17 Apr 2004 and 14 Nov 2005 respectively. I can't believe these two guys are no longer with us.


Unknown said...

I served with Captain Mendoza at Gitmo Bay, Cuba

Unknown said...

I served with Captain Mendoza at Gitmo Bay Cuba. I was a Darkside marine. Semper Fi