Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ethics in Journalism (Lack Thereof)

I was amazed to read Sascha Segan's unethical suggestions in this PC Magazine article about how to unlock your cell phone:

"Tell your carrier's customer service representative that you're traveling abroad and want to use a foreign carrier's SIM card."

"... say you've just bought a phone off of eBay and it turns out to be locked, or you want to use a phone locked to a foreign carrier, or you want to make a prepaid phone into postpaid – you have a bunch of different options."

Basically, their advice is to make up any story in order to get your cell phone unlocked.

Is PC Magazine really encouraging its readers to lie or is this just a stunt? Pretexting "is just lying" which lead to HP's problems in the boardroom. These comments by Sascha Segan are clearly stated with the intention to deceive.

I've laid out my views on unethical behavior here.

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