Saturday, October 5, 2019

Tiny House: The Story Behind the Story

This past Tuesday, I was tickled when a local news TV station asked me to share my thoughts about a 200 sq ft furnished shed which was being offered for rent for more than $1,000/month.

Throughout this week, my interview was syndicated to about 100 news outlets. Friends and colleagues, some of whom I hadn't had contact with for many years, reached out to me to say that they saw it on CNN or San Jose Mercury News to name a few.

The Story Behind the Story

About six years ago, I learned that the story, behind the story, is sometimes as interesting as the story itself. Friends who contacted me wanted to know how I ended up on the news. Unlike last time, I did not contact the news. I was simply walking home from a local bakery, with some fresh bread, when I saw a guy recording himself on a video camera. Initially, since he was standing in front of a house with a "For Sale" post, I thought he was a real estate agent.

As I walked by, he asked me if I knew about the shed that was being offered for rent for more than $1,000/month. I told him that I heard about it, a day earlier, when the posting went viral on Reddit. He then introduced himself and asked if he could interview me for his story. Of course, I said yes. He placed a mic on my shirt, turned on the camera, and stood next to it while we had a casual conversation. And then, viola, I was on the Channel 10 Six O'Clock News.

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