Friday, May 9, 2014

Job Interview: What to Wear?

Everyone knows you're suppose to wear a business suit to a job interview, right? It's not that you need to wear a suit, but you wear it to show you know what you're suppose to do.

However, things are different in high tech, aren't they? Yes and no – it depends on the company's core business. I've worked at places where each VP in IT wore a suit every day and I've also worked at places where we'd never hire someone who came in for a job interview wearing a suit. It's important to understand a company's culture.

So, if you don't have an inside connection to the company you're about to interview at then how do you figure it out? Simple, look at the company's website and see what senior management is wearing.

Do they dress casually like Apple and Google?

Or more like Wyndham and Lockheed Martin?

Leadership from the Top

Leaders set the tone for their company, so it's probably a safe bet to dress like they do. The key thing to look for is a tie. If they're wearing a tie then you should wear something similar.

Remember: Dress for where you want to go.

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