Saturday, June 28, 2008

GoDaddy Affiliate Program

I've been using a GoDaddy reseller ( to register domain names with GoDaddy at a cheaper price than ($6.95 vs $9.99 for .com).

However, once I was logged in through the affiliate I couldn't change the DNS. When I clicked on "Total DNS Control and MX Records" to change my DNS I got the following error message:
The Total DNS Control Manager for this domain is temporarily unavailable. Please try back later.

After noticing this problem for several days I called GoDaddy. They told me it was a browser issue. While the rep had me on hold I googled the error message and I noticed some other people having the same, undetermined, problems.

I then noticed that the page was actually framing the GoDaddy affiliate page. Once I removed the GoDaddy page from inside the frame the problem went away.

I ran into this problem on OS X Leopard with Safari and Firefox 3.0. However, on Windows XP with Firefox, the page worked inside the frame and I could change the DNS. So, for some reason, framing a GoDaddy affiliate page doesn't work on the Mac.


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