Thursday, September 27, 2007

iPhone SMS Mailbox Almost Full????

How can an iPhone, with gigabytes of free memory, complain that the SMS mailbox is almost full? Give me a break, it's SMS for goodness sake!

We're talking bytes, individual bytes - as in eight bits to a byte. What is this, 1983, when 16K was a virtue? Are the other 17,179,869,184 free bits in my iPhone too good to store plain old bytes that represent ASCII text? How snobbish.

I sure would love to archive the SMSes before I delete them off the phone.


Anonymous said...

Is that Spanish (Italian?)? The iPhone stores all foreign language characters in special memory that is very limited. Just kidding.

sammy / iPhone

Metatrader said...

I agree - This is ridiculous that I cant keep every message on my phone from now until 2 yrs from now when i upgrade!