Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Steve Jobs - The Man With No License Plate?

Most employees at Apple have heard the rumor that Steve Jobs' car doesn't have a license plate on it.

But, is it really true?

Here's an actual photo of Steve Jobs' car in the Apple parking lot. The car has a barcode in place of its license plate.

Anyone know how that works?


Anonymous said...

It's no a barcode. . it's the new iCode.

Anonymous said...

Barcode speed cameras ?

Anonymous said...

It's simple. Just drive around with no number plate.

I got away with it for 2 weeks after the cops stole my plates. Well they took them because I hadn't paid my registration for a year.

Funny thing was that there was a cop sitting right behind me but he never pulled me over at all. In fact he turned around and headed off Porirua way.

I also drove past about 9 different cops although I figure that it was more luck that they were otherwise tied up or on the wrong side of the barrier to catch me.

Considering Steve is a hippy then it makes sense he's not going to bow to the man.

Anonymous said...

Steve has a problem with people stealing his plates as souvenirs. He keeps them in the trunk. In California, you don't have to display the plates, you just have to have the registration with you if you get pulled over.

Joe Moreno said...

I'm not buying the comment that Steve keeps them in his trunk. A California police office I spoke with told me:
"Plates and registration must be displayed front and rear per 5200 CVC. "

Jay85 said...

Whoever said that you dont need to display a plate in Cali is a moron.

you need to display front and rear plates in cali.

I'm pretty sure he pays to have that barcode instead of the plates there, kind of like a beverly hills rodeo drive parking permit.

Justin Ramsey said...

Uh, Does no one have a Mercedes? That is the vin number barcode. (How they track the car before it gets a license plate) It is there on all Mercedes. He just doesn't have a plate. No big deal.

Anonymous said...

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