Friday, June 22, 2007

Love/Hate AT & T

When it comes to AT&T, I love their top of the line business DSL with five static IPs. I recently had a technical problem where a route to a Web site only worked on two of my five static IPs due to a misconfigured AT&T router. The technical support staff was outstanding as we troubleshot the problem, together, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and, finally Monday, when the problem was fixed.
Although it was a bear to track down where the problem was, it certainly wasn't a show stopper, so their attention to the problem was greatly appreciated.

That's the love part.

The hate part is when I receive my AT&T phone bill and see that basic phone service costs $5.70/month but caller ID costs $7.99 and it's going up to $9.99 in mid July. My mother-in-law and father-in-law have more than 50 years of combined time employed at that company and they know how simple it is to provide a customer with dial tone service. Ten dollars/month seems a bit excessive for caller ID.

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