Friday, January 5, 2007

Mac OS X Password Reset

Here's something I never knew until my father-in-law's iMac refused to let him log in with his password...

The Mac OS X install disk has a password reset utility for just this occasion.

Simply pop in the install disk and reboot. Hold down the C key on the keyboard when you hear the Macintosh start up gong. This will boot the Mac off the install CD/DVD. Pick the main language you want to use on the first screen and then, on the second screen, choose Utilities —> Reset Password...

Obviously, you don't need to know the old password - just pop in your new password, confirm it, and your done.

If you've enabled FileVault, then you'll need to skip these steps and simply enter the account's master password. If you don't know the master password for your FileVault account then your data is lost forever.

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